Hensco Technologies Inc. has extensive experience in telephone and voicemail systems.  As an Authorized NEC Dealer, we sell and install new phone systems, and we can upgrade your existing phone system.  We have experience with other vendors, such as Nortel, Avaya, and Panasonic.

As your company moves and grows, Hensco can maintain the system for any necessary changes needed, i.e. adding additional phone lines and phone sets, voice mail changes, etc.  If you are planning a move to a new location, Hensco has you covered.  If you have a phone that has gone bad, contact us for a replacement. 

Have you ever called a company and been asked to hold before? Most companies have a music on-hold system for you to listen to, with a little announcement burst in the middle, along with their music of choice.  Hensco can do that for your company!  In addition, we can install voicemail systems…no more piles of paper telling you who called!  All you’ll have to do is push a few buttons and your messages are accessible in full!

Hensco also has other Voice and Data solutions for you, one of which is paging and surveillance systems, large and small.

Just another reason to make Hensco Technologies Inc. your one-stop solution for all your technology needs.