Computer Sales & Service

Hensco Technologies Inc. (Hensco) has technicians who are experts at desktop, laptop, netbook, and server sales and repair. Hensco is a Lenovo Certified Business Partner, selling the best pc’s and servers in the market today.  We also perform minor and major repairs, along with complete rebuilds on any brand of desktops, laptops, and servers including: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Systemax, Gateway, Compaq, and many more.  

Common issues can be repaired by Hensco, such as hard drive failures, blue/black screens, system freezes, video problems, overheating, system shut-downs, virus infections, registry issues, black screens, and any hardware issue needing repair. 

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New Computer Systems

HTI offers a wide array of new desktops, laptops, and server selling stock and custom built laptops, desktops, and servers.  Tell us what you need, and Hensco Technologies Inc. will get to work designing the perfect system to perform now, and well into the future.

Do you require upgraded parts to increase your current computing speed? Rolling out new software that your current systems do not support?  Let us upgrade your network.

Farmington MO Computer Repair

We can upgrade processors, RAM, hard drive space, even your desktop or server operating system. All while maintaining the integrity of your network.

Hensco offers a wide array of new desktops, laptops, and servers, selling both stock and custom-built units.  Being a Lenovo Certified Business Partner gives us access to the top selling computers and servers in the industry.  We’ll discuss your needs and get to work designing the perfect system to perform now and well into the future.

Moving your office to a new location or setting up a new office?  Hensco will work with you from start to finish, making sure each and every aspect of your IT network runs reliably and as expected.  Not only can we provide the consulting and new hardware, we can also provide any cabling needs you may have.  Let Hensco become your lifelong one-stop technology partner.

We can upgrade hardware components in existing computers and servers, i.e. processors, RAM, hard drives, etc.  All while maintaining the integrity of your network.

Rolling out new software that your current systems do not support?  Let us upgrade your network.

Commercial and Residential Computer Repair

Hensco Technologies offers on-site service for both commercial and residential clients, as well as, carry-in (drop off) service.  We respond quickly to emergency needs, or schedule a time for service that is suitable to our clients. 

Hensco also services commercial repair of active directory issues, user account damages, RAID drives, and many other networking needs.  If your office can’t print, give us a call.  We provide break-fix, as well as, ongoing system maintenance for our clients. And, we provide both one-time and on-going support.

Make Hensco Technologies your one-stop provider for all your technology needs.

    Farmington MO PC Repair

    • Active Directories
    • User Account Damage
    • RAID Drives
    • Printer Issues
    • Network Problems
    • One-Time issues
    • Ongoing Support

Parts and Accessories

Hensco sells parts and accessories for computers, laptops, and servers.  We stock common parts, hard drives, RAM, optical drives, operating systems, office software, keyboards, monitors, power supplies, CPU fans, cables, and much more.

Need a part we don’t have?  Hensco can special order parts for almost anything that is available.

Remote Support

Remote support is software that enables an IT technician or a support representative to connect to a remote computer from their consoles via the Internet and work directly on the remote system. Although its main focus is the access to computers located anywhere in the world, the remote support applications also provide features like file transferdesktop sharingfile synchronizationcommand line or guest accessibility.  Remote support services are available for both Commercial and Residential customers, as long as, high speed internet access is available.

Privacy is a major concern for all users.  Hensco provides what is commonly called Unattended Support (the technician is granted total remote access to the client’s computer, even when he is not physically close to it).  The client can sit in front of their computer and watch what the technician is doing.

Remote Support technology tries to reduce help desk centers cost-issues – all transport-related expenses are immediately trimmed down, for instance (no trip charges). Modern day technology enables that any technician using Remote Support is able to assist a customer just like it was physically side-by-side.

Hensco takes the task of remote support very seriously, ensuring the privacy and integrity of the client’s information.

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